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I design things

Graphic designer
Tattoo artist

Ever since I was little I had a strong interest in creative work. I was always busy drawing and crafting and even made my own newspaper for the people in my neighborhood. When I started to develop a curiosity for computer programs and how they could help my creativity, a bigger picture came together. Observing my past development, it simply made sense that I’m completely self-taught in most of the things I do.

In 2011 I started a study at SintLucas, a creative school where I successfully completed the Graphic Design and Digital Publishing programs. Alongside my studies, exciting jobs on the side were coming in, so I decided to start my own company, ‘Kreativ Design’.


SintLucas offered me the opportunity to become a teacher and become a certified operator of Adobe software. In those programs I’ve mastered and earned badges for Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.

These programs is where I often start most of my creative projects. I also specialize in WordPress, Adobe Xd, Adobe Fresco and Procreate. The combined potential of these programs allows endless creative possibilities.


In addition to teaching at SintLucas I work daily with designing brands, prints, webdesign, social media. Most recently I have begun expressing my creativity as a tattoo artist as well.

Exploring creativity, expanding new visions and concepts is what I love to do

If you have any questions or like to know more about my work and what it could do for you feel free to contact me at anytime.


Lois Tacke
The Netherlands


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